Monday, October 3, 2016

the never ending list...

(This is Day 3 in a write 31 days series, click here for the title page

Lisa checks the list on the counter one last time before slipping it into her bag to head out the door. She couldn’t figure out how her friends always seemed so frazzled and couldn’t get their act together. All it takes it a well-constructed list and follow through. A little planning goes a long way. The kids were moving slow today, she could not handle being late, not after landing that huge project yesterday. She had to show herself worthy, on top of it, and very capable if she wanted to continue getting this kind of quality work. She hollered at the kids to grab a poptart and get in the car!

Dear Uncle Savant,

Lisa has been given a new marketing project at work. She is both especially prideful about it and, deeper down inside, she’s terrified of failure. I am working to place people in her walk today that increase her pride in herself; co-workers and friends who seem to be having a hard time and appear to be lacking in their life organization skills. This drives her to have a short temper and think slightly higher of herself than she ought. She’s always on the brink of falling, but she doesn’t see it. Lisa just plows ahead in her quest to achieve and be the best that she has no idea what an easy target she is.

One little failure at work and I can start introducing self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. As of this moment, she seems to have a mediocre outlook on parenting. A small tweak in one of those little imp’s lives; choosing the “wrong” friend group, cheating on tests, or stealing something from a friend’s locker will put Lisa in a tailspin of feelings.

If I can get her to constantly focus on feelings and not the facts around her, or what our Enemy has tried to show about who He made her to be I will be most successful.

It is with great glee I report that your idea to elevate the task of list making has taken control of her thought pattern. At the end of each day, I will suggest that anything not completed was a failure, that she wasn’t “good enough” that day. It will greatly frustrate her to add unfinished things to the list for tomorrow because then it becomes an impossible feat to cross each one off. The list will become a part of who she is and who she thinks she needs to be.

All of these feelings of frustration, inadequacy, anger, pride and haughtiness adds to her irritability at home with the kids and husband. Her ability to cope will be low and so they will get the brunt of her tired attempts to be present for them. Compounded with the kid’s mediocre efforts at school, her husband’s impatience with her, and my efforts to make her forget to seek our Enemy in times of despair….it will keep her in despair.

Your Young Apprentice,

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