Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sword of the Spirit must stay sheathed...

(This is Day 5 in a write 31 days series. Click here for the title page )

Mary’s husband came home announcing that he got promotion at work. This should make her happy and proud, but instead she only thinks of herself and how it means more time alone with kids. Maybe she can enjoy some perks like spending more on groceries…cause that’s so exciting… maybe she’ll get her nails done someday when the children are civil enough to be home alone together. Her sense of discontentedness grows, and she reminisces back to when there were no children and her life in marketing was so fun and free…

Hmm, …something new and freeing.

Dear Uncle Savant,

I had my work cut out for me with Mary today. She was awake early enough time to have a cup of coffee and read that blasted book of our Enemy. I tried my best to draw her attention and distract her with the piled up laundry, breakfast to make or even the noise of the garbage truck outside to no avail.

She kept pushing off my attempts to frustrate or cause dissatisfaction. 

She just kept praying… and you know how hard it is to influence an assignment who focus’ their brain on speaking with the Enemy.

I promise I will try harder to make sure that the Sword of the Spirit stays sheathed.

Her husband had announced that he received a promotion and I saw my golden opportunity to swing through with discouragement over his impending absence and her inevitable time alone. I also added in some reminiscing of her single life without kids and clouded her memory causing her to forget that she was lonely and longed for a family. Instead I heightened everything she could do without kids and elevated in her mind how important they were to her happiness.

I must go, she’s sitting those insipid children down to read “His” book again.


Dear Sepitus,

Words cannot express my anger over your stupid mistakes with Mary. 

You simply are not understanding   how to twist and reform her mind.

It’s not through external experiences and influences only, they are merely secondary to the innate values, thought processes and coping skills. Her foundational beliefs for dealing with life have to be attacked and shaken. It will cause her to be open to alternative thinking.

There are so many wonderfully twisted ideas and methods of coping that we have made commonplace in this world. Do not be so shallow with your attack on her. At some point, if it hasn’t already happened, she will pray and seek help from our Enemy to get her through the external trials you keep presenting her with.

Don’t you understand? They are smart enough to see that when a series of bad things keep happening that it might be an attack from us. You have to be more insidious than that, did you miss that day in training? She has to believe that it’s from her own head, that she’s becoming smarter, enlightened, tolerant of new things, better at understanding people and changing right alongside everyone else, staying current.

This is not a simple assignment with a non-convert. These three women actually know the Enemy, speak to Him and consider themselves “in His family” as He likes to say. Our job is to kill their joy, steal understanding of their identity, and destroy their ability to have a testimony.

Do better!

Uncle Savant

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