Thursday, October 13, 2016

Choosing Well

(This is Day 13 in a Write 31 Days series. Click here for the title page )

As Anne walks to class there is a flyer on the bulletin board for the local Women At Risk chapter. The flyer said they were hosting an event to both educate and sign up new volunteers to help. Anne has had such a strong pull to help women who had been rescued from being trafficked. It’s like God had placed a supernatural desire that would not go away to help these women. However, she just dismissed it as being a surge of compassion because of her own grisly past and the abuse she endured.

Her thoughts quickly returned to the busy hallway she was in and the class she about to attend. Her head began swimming with all of the components of her presentation she had to give and it very quickly was the only thing on her mind.

Later that evening, there was a different bulletin board in her dorm hallway that advertised for a book club starting up. Anne loved to read and was looking for some kind of extracurricular thing to help her unwind and relax away from school a bit. This sounded like just the thing she was looking for! To help with the Women at Risk group, she would need to make a consistent commitment and it would always be wearing on her emotions. It was definitely better to choose the book club…much less draining.

Dear Uncle,

I have heeded your words, and I certainly do not want to be removed from my cases and face punishment for failure. I will endeavor to make you proud!

Your idea to bog Anne down with too many commitments so she forgets to pray was just brilliant! I have done some research in this area and paid attention to her interests. I believe I have a solid plan.

I began to make my attempt with her this week, but our Enemy must’ve know this plan also because He almost convinced her to enter into some service for Him instead!

She was contemplating joining a group that helps women that have long been in our clutches of worthlessness, shame, and guilt. I was able to cast enough doubt about how emotionally taxing it would be, considering her own past and that the scheduled commitments might be too much for her to handle. I wanted her to focus on how it would make her feel and cause fear and doubts to rise over her ability to cope well.

It was a close call, but I succeeded.

I instead introduced her to a harmless book club. They will focus their efforts on reading worldly books and it’ll have no spiritual effect on her whatsoever. It’ll give her another book to read as well, so she will soon feel overwhelmed with too much school work. I then have plans to suggest she tries the early morning study group, to give her the illusion that she's staying on top of her classes.

This will enable a disruption in her morning prayer routine. She’ll either have to wake up earlier, not go to the study group, or drop book club. I will do my best to force her to attend the book club and study group.

My plan is to convince her to be self-sufficient and suggest she can pray any other time, it doesn’t have to be right at that specific morning time slot.

Your Nephew,


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