Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Course Corrections

(This is Day 12 in a write 31 Days series. Click here for the title page )

Dearest Young Sepitus,

I sense you are in need of fresh direction with your assignments. It appears you are losing ground in different areas with each woman.

You have been very arrogant in your approach. While I do approve of your tactics, your execution is lacking. If you are ever going to be able to handle tougher assignments, you have to figure out how to knock them down quickly and then keep them there.

I cannot tell you how furious I am that you’ve allowed your assignments to have a prayer life! How many times do I have to beat it into your head that when they access that contemptible ability to converse directly with our Enemy, untold power is suddenly unlocked. This should not be a surprise to you.

You cannot take HIM for granted. Just because it’s been a while since you’ve been confronted with the Hosts of Heaven doesn’t mean you should forget what they are capable of!

There have been no greater losses in our ranks than when the Chosen Ones pray. Our Enemy has made them promises to protect, defend, and provide supernatural ability to shirk off our efforts if they merely ask.

Pay. Close. Attention.

Let’s take Mary. If you intend on breaking down her self-worth and make her search for it in other places, you have to actually provide the place she looks. It needs to be intriguing, irresistible and cause for contemplation.  An old boyfriend, a new book series that causes her to lust, movies that capture her imagination and drive her to believe that there is something she’s missed that she can somehow attain. It’s a beautiful distraction from her mundane life and it’ll be exciting for her to have a secret.

Once she is swallowed up into that temptation, you can work on keeping her there. That is when the Chosen Ones pray the least, when they are caught in our webs and are too ashamed to access the Enemy.

Lisa is so simple, and yet somehow you manage to fail! You were correct to massage her pride, but that slip up with letting her see the church friends at lunch could’ve cost you. They are not your assignments and so you have no control over what they do. 

When they reached out to Lisa and encouraged her to come to the women’s gathering at that loathsome church, you nearly lost her for good. You ought to know better than to allow her to mingle so closely with Fierce Warriors in our Enemy’s ranks. Those types are handled by far greater of a classification than you, or even I. 

The Fierce Warriors are very dangerous and their ability to direct prayers at binding us are effective. You are not equipped to survive that. STEER CLEAR!

Instead, you need to pay close attention to Lisa and her desires and then introduce her to a man that is everything she thinks her husband is not. It will show her that “he exists”. You have got to take this thing to the next level of temptation or you’ll just be spinning in the dirt. I will check with our assigning department to see if anyone has a man that will do. That way you can work together to make this a very potent tryst.

 The distractions with Anne kept her from hearing the message about handling our mental attacks, so well done on that front. However, she still prays. Which means you have to have something stronger to distract her with or change tactics. 

I would think that a simple change to her daily schedule could throw her off enough that she would consistently forget to have that prayer time. Try adding activity or commitments elsewhere. This will be a two-fold attack. It can subdue her prayers and also keep her busy enough that she can’t focus on finishing school, but instead encourage the self-sufficiency route.  

If you are going to get her to quit school, have a disastrous love affair and sink into the clutches of an addiction, you have got some serious work to do. She is just way too close to being able to throw you off, and I fear for your success.

Take my advice and get much more aggressive…or lose your advancement and risk severe punishment.

Uncle Savant

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