Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Is it going to be o.k.?

(This is Day 19 in a write 31 days series. Click here for the title page )

Lisa was sitting at her desk Tuesday morning, wondering what was going wrong in her family. 

Sunday was church day. The songs were annoying, the singers made mistakes, the seats were uncomfortable, the pastor preached too long and made us get out late, so we were late for the football game. Clearly no one was happy about being at church. 

Not good.

To make matters worse, the ladies Lisa saw at lunch a couple days before passed her in the hallway at church, she could’ve swore they gave her a condescending look. She was sure they talked about her indiscreet complaining in the restaurant.

Hey, she didn’t care, she just lifted her chin, and chose to justify her comments. She felt she deserved a chance to vent now and again after all. 

So Sunday was apparently supposed to be a day of rest. Not only is it not restful with all the catch up on the house they have to do, but the kids are whiny and demanding. Lisa knows it's because they don’t see mom and dad often enough, but it translated into a very annoying high pitched fit that didn’t encourage happy family time. Not to mention that they had picked up some irritating habits from after school care.

Things were beginning to feel out of control. 

Lisa needed peace. 
She needed to know it would be ok, and that she, was in fact, ok.

Dear Uncle,

What a heyday for discontentment! It is so easy to push buttons in areas of Lisa’s life that don’t actually have any problems, making her believe that ALL of it is bad. Once she has a small discontentment in one area, I can use that annoyance to expand into other areas.

Suddenly she is a nagging, complaining wife and nothing is ever good enough. Her husband will tire of that; he will not enjoy feeling like he can’t make her happy. 

He will feel like a failure and then think what is the purpose anymore. My pathway to marital destruction is coming along nicely!

I have to be careful to not let Lisa feel too much of a sting that something is wrong because then she will seek a solution. The last thing I want is her running to our Enemy for comfort and direction!

Instead, I must keep her too busy, focused on all the peripheral things around her to mask the root of the issue in her heart. I can make Lisa believe that her husband, kids and the world are her enemy instead of us actually being the real enemy and affecting this wretchedness in her life.

A silver lining to her will be a new employee that gets hired this week. He is joining her division at the office and is being hired to a position over Lisa. He is good looking, single, caring, exciting, and best of all- not distracted by a family.

Lisa has been feeling quite low about her physical appearance lately, and this guy will compliment her on the first day they meet. It’ll be so intoxicating to her. Feeling attractive to another man is going to encourage her to workout harder at the gym, eat more salads, and do herself up nicer each day.

More self-focus…my favorite!

It is fun to operate in the shadows, but once and while I get an itching feeling to actually fully reveal my awesome wickedness to my assignments. Maybe one day…

Yours Truly,


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