Saturday, October 15, 2016


(This is Day 15 in a Write 31 Days series. Click here for the title page )

The closet was unappealing this morning. Even though they made decent salaries, Lisa’s older clothing said otherwise. As usual, Lisa was the last on the totem pole of getting needs met. 

She is completely willing to give of herself for her family. That’s what mom’s do. However, the feelings of just not being satisfied wouldn’t go away.

She never has time to go use the gym membership her husband “had to have”. That bill alone could outfit her with some nicer clothes for work!

These thoughts push further into other needs not met by her husband- comfort, acceptance, approval and love. So as a result, Lisa felt empty, unfit, flabby and unattractive. She noticed her pants were a bit snug yesterday too…. ugh…time to diet again.

Dear Uncle,

I’m taking a different approach with Lisa today. She seemed to put herself in a bad mood without any help from me, so I just went with it!

She’s got it in her head that she’s unattractive and nobody finds her desirable, namely her husband.

I’m going to use that attitude for a while, and when she’s very low and bashing at her own self-image, I am going to introduce a man to her that is going to immediately make her feel attractive again. This will be so potent to her fragile ego.

Her relationship with her husband has been rocky at best. The new project she has and his work commitments have kept them apart. I want to convince her that she has needs being unmet by him and that maybe he’s getting his “needs” met somewhere else. 
He isn’t, as of yet, but with that idea planted in her mind, she will think the worst and then not ask him about it because it gives her quiet permission to do the same.

I love this game! She assumes her husband is cheating (when he is not), and uses that to justify her own actions! The fallout from this will be amazing!

For now, I will keep the suggestions flowing to enforce her feelings of being unattractive. She will then look for ways to improve, which adds to her stress and busyness. These things will cause feelings of either guilt or indignant entitlement. Whichever arises, I plan to use to its fullest.

Her children have been acting out to try to get their parents attention. Anything from not completing school work to bickering, bad attitudes and refusing to do chores. The children cannot seem to get their parents to take notice, so they will act out until it works. Lisa and her husband cannot agree on how to do home life and work life, so their united front is demolished and the kids have realized this.

It is very easy for the kids to divide and conquer their parents. Which in turn isolates Lisa and her husband from each other.

With this “great divide” going on, victory is certainly mine very shortly.

Yours Truly,


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