Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pushing through the Darkness

(This is Day 16 of  write 31 days series. Click here for the title page )

Anne chose courage and faith.

She felt empowered and ready to take on the direction she felt the Lord pointing her to. Anne took a flyer for the Women at Risk rescue house for abused women, and called them.

 She is met with a cheery voice who is thrilled to have someone call to inquire about the mission. Anne quickly stumbles all over her words and spills out that she, too, is a recovered victim and understands what the women have gone through.

The receptionist transfers her to one of the head counselors. They are so encouraged to have Anne get involved with a couple young women in particular. They schedule a meeting and an interview to screen Anne before she can begin working with the ladies. Anne has a deep feeling of peace over finally calling them, that God must’ve arranged things and just been waiting on her obedience to make the call.

She has heard so many times that obedience activates God’s grace. It was such a nice change to have something so positive happen in her life.

Anne has known for a long time that God can use her messes for His glory and give her a story to tell, but she hadn’t ever chosen to believe it for her own life. With the way things looked now, Anne was certain that God’s hand was directing her steps.

She just had to get over her feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.

Dear Uncle Savant,

I want to offer my apologies and an explanation.

I know we talked about Anne staying away from that place that rescues women from bondage, but I couldn’t encroach on the prayer time she had the other day because of the pair of heavenly guards that surrounded her!

I just don’t know what happened! I had her in my full grasp, she was distracted from school with the book club, she was frustrated with life and her path, she was still dealing with all the old memories I kept before her about her troubled past. She was MINE!

I must recoup my losses with her! The second those blasted hounds of heaven leave her, I will assault her with a heavy attack of fear and doubts in her ability to help anyone. I will not rest until she backs off from the rescue. I will make her quit!

I am going to ramp up her roommate’s involvement in her life also. I can get her to choose them over what our Enemy is trying to have her do with that wretched rescue. Every obstacle I can come up with I will place before her so she feels defeated, thwarted, useless and inadequate.

I do understand what is at stake here, I will not lose this much ground with her ever again, Uncle.

My sincerest apologies, please don’t report me. 

I vow to capture her once again!

Your nephew,


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