Wednesday, May 4, 2016

After Easter- How Christ's Resurrection Changed Everything!

After Easter ~ A Book Review

“A person’s depth of confidence in the gospel is reflected in how often he shares the gospel with others.”

What a profound statement! When I think about how often we all share things we are convicted about, like politics, raising kids, and other social issues, and compare how loudly and forcefully we share our thoughts but then when it comes to the gospel, the very message of Truth that can change a person’s eternity from hell to heaven…we pause…we second guess…we halt, cease and desist.

Sometimes we are worried about offending someone, sometimes it’s how they’ll feel about us after we share…or it’s just how confident we are in sharing the message. We might not know enough.

In the book, “After Easter” by Jeremy Royal Howard and Doug Powell, these questions are addressed as well as an excellent argument for factual evidence to build faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what that should mean to us today.

This book is an outstanding tool for education, for a small group, or Sunday school. The book is divided into 7 chapters that discuss the resurrection and events afterwards. Each chapter ends with discussion questions that are thought provoking and convicting. The authors really get at the heart of belief in Christ, His resurrection and what do we do with this information.

It is chock full of scripture, and the last 25 pages are the full gospel of John. Besides a great study tool, it can be a witnessing tool and beginning to discipleship. It helps with understanding our sinful nature we are born with, especially with questions such as: “Do you think your sins are infinitely bad, or do you feel that they are understandable and God will overlook them? How does your view compare with the Bible’s view?”  

Later, the writers encourage us with the good news of 6 undisputed facts surrounding Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.

In the chapter entitled “Salvation through Faith”, the writers talk about how we identify “faith” and that “believing a lie doesn’t make it true, and truth is true even if no one believes it.” They hammer home that the gift of Salvation is an act of grace from a loving God, that we cannot do anything to earn it.

The authors remind us that “if we try to import our good acts into the equation, we are trying to make ourselves equal to (as good as) God. Nothing could be more futile.”

This book will encourage your heart and confirm beliefs! I highly recommend this book for witnessing, education, encouragement and to instruct others!

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