Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What do you Cherish?

Instead of surviving relationships, why not cherish them?

I had the pleasure of reading Cherish by Vicki Courtney and 3 other contributing authors, Pam Gibbs, Susie Davis, and Whitney Prosperi

The book is written to primarily teen girls, but I found myself checking my own habits and thoughts on matters that she wrote about.

If you are the parent of a teen girl, you need this book!

Vicki separates the content into 5 categories and is written in a magazine style with great quizzes, quotes and pictures to keep you engaged.

All of the chapters are laced with scripture references and always directing the reader back to their own relationship with the Lord Jesus. 
The chapter on God has wonderful titles such as “What do you believe”, “Can you call something wrong?”, “Submitting to authorities”, and “Why are you here?”.

Vicki also includes a section in the back with scriptures to lead someone to Christ.

Along with relational help with friends, family, your world, guys and God she focuses on spiritual health and growth as the reader adopts the new patterns of relating, coping and cherishing the people in their lives.

Vicki weaves throughout the book the standard of scripture as the utmost guide on how to cherish earthly relationships as well as placing Christ on the throne of your heart.

I especially liked how the authors wrote about the relevant social issues our kids face such as attention seeking selfie-takers, gossipy girl drama, and blended family relationships. They also created charts, quizzes and lists to identify ways to recognize when others need help, cultivating relationships within the family walls, and who God says you are.

There is such great content and advice in this book and can be used as a reference guide for chartering the waters of teen years and into young adulthood as well. 

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