Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Audacious by Beth Moore

Whenever I have the privilege of reading something Beth Moore has written I am always anticipatory of what God is going to say to me through it. I have come to expect it because through her testimonies and life experiences, God has used her mightily in the lives of women to show them God’s power available to them.

This book does not disappoint! Beth has a mission statement that she has felt called to improve on and she explains why in this book.

The mission statement is “To see all women come to know and audaciously love Jesus Christ.” The two new words are “all” and as you can guess by the title “audacious”.

As Beth loves to do, she explores the meaning of Audacious and how we can incorporate it into our Christian walk.

I think the biggest thing that made an impression on me is chapter 10 “You Would Ask Me”. It is based on John 4:6-10, the story of Jesus changing the life of a woman at a well. The key statement He says is “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.” (Emphasis mine).

The idea is that we cannot love the Lord our God with the ferocious love that He has for us. We are flawed humans without that capacity. God has not only the capacity, but the drive and power to give it to us when we ask for it!

Beth talks about our ability to step off from the ordinary into the extraordinary Christian life by asking God to give us the ability to audaciously love Him as He does us. All of our drive to behave as scripture instructs us to comes from us audaciously loving God. Jesus Himself says this in John 14:23 when He says that if we love Him we will obey Him.

I recommend this book to anyone looking to change their ordinary khaki Christian life into one that is full and vibrant with color. Beth paints a picture so beautifully with words and analogies that can whet someone’s appetite for longing for more!

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