Tuesday, August 2, 2016

HCSB Notetaking bible

It was my privilege to receive and review the Notetaking Bible in the Holman Christian Standard Version, given by the B&H Publishing bloggers group.

These beautifully enhanced pages are fine tuned for the reflective artistic reader. Some pages are blank and allow for creative expression, others have lovely hand lettering designs that one can color in.

The emphasis always is the inspired, God-breathed Word. This version with its artful pages allows you to pause longer over verses, contemplate and commit to memory while you enjoy creating scripture art.

The editors first include a page about God’s plan for Salvation. This is a great piece to include in the first few pages, as many pick up a bible to read without knowing exactly what being a Christian is or how to find the verses about it. Without this knowledge and faith, we cannot read scripture and have the Holy Spirit’s power in us to interpret and teach us what we are reading, according to John 14:26 and 1 John 2:27.

I enjoy the Holman Christian Standard Bible Version.  The first few pages of this bible have a description of how to use their references and footnotes and also why they made another English translation of the Bible.

They site reasons such as the changing English language, new biblical research available through the internet, and advanced technology in translating more accurately. 

It also includes the differences in translation techniques and which style they used. There is a great explanation of traditional features and special formatting features they have used. It is helpful to the reader to check out these sections so as to get the most understanding and knowledge out of the format.

I highly recommend this version to anyone who first loves the Word of God and second loves to express worship through art.

You can find this bible here at the B&H publishing site. Also, on  Amazon .
(Artwork credit to Abby Lynn Haske)

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