Saturday, September 19, 2015

New adventure- Freedom!

Every one of us has a story to tell. We come with our childhood's and past tales, mistakes and hopes for the future. I am no different. I believe my story has God's fingerprints and providence all over it. He has done such amazing things for me, such extravagant acts of grace that I don't deserve, that I cannot help but speak about them.

I spent a significant amount of time writing what I thought was my story this last year. I feel very passionate about it and have realized along the way of writing, that there are so many themes to share and ways I can encourage others. This is the purpose of this new blog. 

I want to be able to shout form the roof tops what God's done, and yet feel so scared sometimes, because the things He's done for me mostly resemble rescuing, which means I needed rescuing. Speaking about it clearly praises God for who He is and puts me squarely where I belong....not on the throne.

Saved from my old dead self and transformed into a new creation in Christ is not the only saving I'm talking about. I'm talking about finding myself in bondage so strong, while being a born-again believer, that it took an unheard of act of rescuing.

I have spent the last year literally secluded in a place of healing and restoration. It had to be a boot-camp, extreme kind of reprogramming done by none other than my Savior. My days have been spent soaking in God's Word, listening to sermon's and speakers, being ministered to by my favorite worship music, memorizing scripture and learning how to pray better. 

A few of the things I have learned that I cannot wait to share is how to find freedom in Christ, how to find victory over your thoughts and be transformed, how to set yourself apart and be a light in a dark world, victory over insecurity, how to fight for your marriage, how to become a Godly wife, how to teach your children, (especially your daughter's), that the Word of God is absolute truth in a relative world, how to raise your kids to be warriors for Christ and live victoriously.

Those are just a few of the tremendous things that God has taught me this past year. I will be the first to tell you that I have learned it, but cannot live it alone. I cannot achieve it alone. By God's power alone, by grace alone. My part is surrender. It's His job and no can do it better.

God did not do this thing for me to be silent about it, He has made that abundantly clear to me. I long to be used, I long for Him to turn my mess into His message. I long for others to find their God given purpose and to live free.

My goal is that God be praised and others be blessed. Come and do Your thing that only You can do Lord Jesus.

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